April 27, 2018

Chemical & Non-Chemical Peels

Kelly reversed her own sun damage with chemical peels.

Peels. Going a little deeper

Peels are naturally occurring nontoxic organic acids derived from plans and fruits.
Many skin conditions can be improved by having a customized peel regimen such as:

    • Reducing hyper-pigmentation and improving uneven skin tone
    • Brighten and lighten
    • Controlling oil production
    • Clarifying by controlling acne and reducing bacteria
    • Encouraging cell rejuvenation and collagen and elastin production
    • Minimizing fine line and wrinkles
    • Improve and refine skin texture and tone
    • Give skin a boost of nutrients and hydration

Chemical peels are a proven way to give your skin a healthier and more youthful radiance appearance.

Brighten Up

Lighten darkened skin areas. Improve the overall tone and texture of skin.


Good for oily, acne, congested skin that is dehydrated and photoaged.

Crystal Clear

Reduce amount of flareups and speed recovery of flare-ups that do occur.


For oily acne skin that have discoloration. Eliminate and control acne lesions and lighten pigmented skin.

Mid-Depth Chemical Peels

Oxygenating Peel

Great for all skin types. Anti-aging, lightening, tightening and clarifying.

Melanin Lift

Lighten discoloration making skin tone more even, killing bacteria.


Reduce sebaceous activity and lift impurities. Mild exfoliation for a smoother, healthier skin.


Heal acne, inflamed lesions. Loosen skin impurities for easier extraction.


Safe for the most sensitive, rosacea skin types. Control oil and acne, minimize enlarged pores.

Apple Wine

Firming and toning. Plump fine lines and brighten dull skin tones.

Deep Peels


For all skin conditions. Ideal for any skin that needs a new start.

Crystal Bright

Lighten stubborn, pigmented spots, improve skin tone, control oil, minimize pore size.

Buff & DeShine

Soften coarse textured skin. Balance oil production and control acne.

Young Again

Improve texture and skin tone. Minimize fine lines and stimulate cellular production.