April 27, 2018

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THE LOYALTY PROGRAM ALLOWS YOU TO RECEIVE YOUR SIXTH SERVICE FREE!! NO PRE-PAYMENT NECESSARY! (Must be same service each time. If multiple services, the most expensive will be comped. Only one free service per person/per loyalty cycle.)

We have maintenance pricing for ALL of our sugaring services. Maintenance is every 4 weeks, no exceptions. We give the maintenance price because we want to reward your loyalty and also it takes us less time and we use less product. If it has been longer than four weeks, even five or six, it defeats the purpose of the price break. Thank you for your understanding on this matter. New clients, please read information for Brazilian Sugaring. I look  forward to seeing you soon!

Abs $30 men

Abs (happy trail) $10-$15 women

Arm $45 full/30 half  (does not include shoulders)

Back $65 full/45 half (does not include shoulders)

Bikini $35 sides and top

Bikini maintenance $30 every 4 weeks (Depends on individual client and amount of regrowth)

Brazilian bikini $65 first time/ $45-$55 maintenance every 4 weeks (Usually ten minutes or less and extremely thorough. Price depends on individual client and amount of hair. This varies greatly from client to client. We are very fair with my pricing and go off of time and amount of product used.)

Brows $20

Cheeks $20

Chest $45 not including abs

Chin $15

Face $50 not including brows

Leg $120 full/$75 half (legs vary depending on length. A lot of sugar and time is used for this service, hence the cost.)

Lip $12

Neck  $25

Nipples $10-$15

Playboy $50 Exaggerated bikini (Doesn’t include the “back side”.)

Playboy Maintenance $40 every 4 weeks

Shoulders $30

Sideburns $15

Underarms $25

Underarm maintenance $20 every 4 weeks